Trusting the Ancient Path

Questions. Lots of questions.

Dreams. Lots of dreams.

Fuzzy. Vague. Swirling. Unrelenting.

Buried by busyness.

Nullified by noise.

Ruined by routine.

Yearning for clarity and desperate for definition. 

Earnestly desiring to receive and redirect His love.

Committed to His prompting.

Committed to His purpose.

Committed to His commission.

Committed to His sending.

Committed to His power not ours.

But still confused: What is our role in Your Plan specifically?

Daily time in the Word refreshing, but not revealing.

Great for today’s guidance and obedience.

But still no vision. Still no assignment.

Now is the time to do the unthinkable.

Now is the time to do the counter-cultural.

Now is the time to stop talking about prayer.

Now is the time to journal.

Now is the time to unplug.

Now is the time to retreat. To trust the ancient way:

The way of slowness, contemplation, and immersion.

Minutes? More.

Hours? More.

A day?! Yes... or more!

Breakthrough and blessing await, but excuses -- and panic -- flood in:

               “It’s irrational.”

               “It’s irresponsible.”

               “It won’t work.”

               “Who will spin my plates?”

               “What darkness will I tangle with?”

For most, the thought is lost in a minute.

Urgency resumes.

Status quo returns.

Confusion fogs.

Frustration reigns.

Busyness and entertainment medicate.

The ancient path dismissed and forgotten in a moment.

But a few brave (or broken?) souls choose the path less travelled… and God delivers.

His unmistakable voice flashes in our mind and rings true in our heart.

A paint-by-numbers path revealed?  Maybe. Maybe not.

But a vision is birthed with a right next step – or two or three – born of a well-ordered mind 

               and a refreshed spirit.

A way forward. What Joy!

Jeff Spadafora4 Comments