Ya just never know

About 18 years ago, I was a management consultant, married to a wonderful wife and the father of 3 healthy, spunky little kids. I was living in the mountains of Colorado and livin’ the dream.  The only downside was a gnawing feeling that something was missing in my life.  Something I couldn’t quite put my finger on.

Then one day, while sitting at a stop light, I noticed a bumper sticker that said “No Jesus. No Peace. Know Jesus. Know Peace.” It struck a nerve.

After writing off “religion” in my late teens as irrelevant, it dawned on me that maybe my discontent wasn’t correlated to my job, finances, or pursuit of the next outdoor adrenalin rush. Maybe there was some correlation to spirituality. That bumper sticker was the nudge that opened up my closed mind to give God and Jesus another shot. To move from opinion and past experience to taking the time to personally research the God of the Bible.

Fast forward to today and I am more convinced than ever that Jesus is the real deal… and it’s radically improved my joy and peace and sense of purpose.

So here’s my encouragement: If you’re a follower of Jesus, tell people about Him and how He’s impacted you.    

You ever hear that saying “Tell people about Jesus every day and if necessary use words”?  I really dislike that.  How in the world are people going to know your kindness, peace, and joy comes from the Spirit of God if you don’t tell them? Are they supposed to guess?

People need to know specifically about Jesus.  Jesus said “Make disciples of all the nations.”  You can’t do that if you’re not saying His name. Words are necessary.

I’m not saying get preachy or start picking theological fights. Our job is to simply share how Jesus has impacted our lives. (As an aside, if you’re not excited to tell people the best news in the world, I suggest you go deeper in your understanding of Jesus and lean further into His teachings.)

We are not responsible for how people will react.  Some will become argumentative. Others, dismissive or quick to change the subject.  But others will be thirsty and curious and grateful to learn more.  

So just toss it out there and see what happens – ya just never know who’s trajectory of life will be forever positively changed.

By the way, about 6 months ago, I went online and custom ordered a bumper sticker to put on my truck.  Guess what it says.