If God's so powerful, why's the world such a mess?

I attended a conference this week and one of the guest speakers was a former senior military leader and adviser to the FBI, CIA, and NSA. He now owns a firm that helps global businesses protect their information, finances, and employees.

Here are the highlights of his talk. (Be forewarned: This is frightening and, frankly, a bit depressing.) 

  • Mexico has the highest kidnapping rate in the world. Building a wall will curb immigration, but won’t make a dent in the flow of drugs into the US -- the world’s largest consumer of death-inducing, illegal drugs.
  • Venezuela is about to collapse and that situation presents the largest threat in the western hemisphere. 
  • Unless the North Korean leader is truly a lunatic, he won’t launch a nuclear missile. If they launch, South Korea and the US will counter-launch within 6 minutes.  The US will crush North Korea in 5 days and within a year the United State’s second largest military installation in the world will be set up on China’s front door step.  Neither North Korea nor China wants that.
  • Russia’s aggression is linked to their -2.3% economic growth. They need to access to human talent and economic resources asap.
  • India leads the world in violence against women and children. They also have some of the worst poverty, education and nutrition statistics and the only thing holding the nation together is their caste system that has been bred into the national psyche for centuries. Even the poorest of the poor have access to the internet, and eventually civil unrest will unfold as they realize the rest of world doesn’t live this way.
  • There are currently 21 million refugees stranded and on the move.  The European governments trying to help them will ultimately fail in this effort. The jobs, social welfare dollars, and infrastructure are simply not there. There will be 2 pathways to survival for these unfortunate wanderers: crime or terrorism. Vacation and business travel to Europe will plummet because it will become so dangerous.
  • Muslims are out-breeding non-Muslims as a stated strategy for world domination.  ISIS is waging an ideological war while the rest of the world still thinks they can be dealt with militarily or diplomatically. Their most innovative weapon is cyber-recruiting via Hollywood-quality videos that appeal to down-and-out young men and women desperate for purpose.

So what’s a guy like me doing pandering all this joylessness? As I listened to this data, my mind kept coming back to Romans 8:19 “All the world is waiting for the children of God to reveal themselves.”

You see, God is all-powerful and is all-loving and He, too, is waiting for His followers to take action.  We need to counter the ideologies of evil with the ideology of love: the Truth of God; the Truth of Jesus; the Truth of how to live now; the Truth of Life after we die.

In my book, The Joy Model, I talk about our options for responding to our global state of affairs:

Option 1:  Live in fear. Circle the wagons. Opt for helplessness. Adopt “The problem is too big” as your motto. Miss the opportunity to live with purpose and joy.

Option 2: Live in denial. Kick the can down the road. Let your children or grandchildren deal with it.

Option 3: Live in selfishness. Stay focused on your work, your comfort , and your retirement. Perpetuate the myth with your kids that the key to life is a making a lot of money, managing your comfort, and retiring to leisure.  If you call yourself a Christian, I have bad news: When you die, you run the risk of Jesus saying “Depart from me. I never knew you.” (Matthew 7:23)

Option 4: Live in Love --Start making a creative and courageous dent in the problems of the world. Decide on local or global. Go on an adventure meeting peoples' emotional, physical, and spiritual needs.

Right now someone within a half mile of you desperately needs a word of encouragement.

Right now, with about 30 clicks of your computer’s mouse, you can google up an organization working on a local, national or global problem that needs your time, talent or treasure to attack a problem you care about.

I’m not telling you which option to choose,  but I suggest you choose wisely. Your choice will affect your joy today, how you’ll feel about yourself on your deathbed, and what will happen to you in eternity.


Note: A Halftimer started www.globalmediaoutreach.com and it is, in my opinion, the best cyber-based “ideology of love” initiative reaching millions of people in 100+ countries speaking 30+ languages. Check 'em out.