Simple Steps to Feel God's Love.

My April 8th blog talked about loving God, but it’s dawning on me that the more difficult challenge for many people is receiving God’s love.

·       They don’t feel worthy of God’s love because they know their flaws and can’t imagine God could love someone like them

·       They’ve been betrayed by someone “religious” and it really stung

·       They have prayers that weren’t answered.

·       They’re stuck in a paradigm of the Old Testament God and don’t truly understand Jesus  

·       Some person or experience from the past planted a wrong-headed notion that they are unlovable.

It’s my conclusion that the root of all of this is just one thing: A misunderstanding of the true character of God.

So what’s the solution to breaking through these barriers to receiving God’s love? Do any of the following and I can guarantee you you will start to experience God’s love for you:

·       Read/listen to the bible and great Christian books. Get your theology straight.

·       Get the facts. Stop basing life off of your opinions and the opinions of others.

·       Find an awesome church with solid bible teaching.

·       Hang out with gutsy, crazy, creative Christians.

·       Get it deep into your brain that your fear, anxiety, impatience, anger, lust, arrogance, porn habit, drinking and smoking doesn’t change God’s love for you one iota.

·       Get it deep into your brain that your piety, bible reading, Calling, church attendance, solid marriage, perfect kids and work ethic doesn’t change God’s love for you one iota.

·       Just because you think God doesn’t love you doesn’t mean you’re right. Your feelings don’t change the facts.

If you do any of these, all the mental blocks preventing you from receiving His love will melt away. It’s so simple --- even trite – but if you want to experience freedom, joy and fearlessness, spend some time getting to know the true God.

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…but God shows his love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us. Romans 5:8