I'd Love Your Input

I know there are some people still wrestling with how to take the Joy Model and the M.A.S.T.E.R. plan from theory to reality.  With that in mind, I want to create a method/process to help people bridge the gap.

Would you please take 30 seconds to answer the 4 questions below to guide me?

1.      If you have given a sincere effort to apply the principles of The Joy Model, have you experienced an increase in your joy?  Yes or No.  (If you don’t feel you’ve given a sincere effort yet, then simply do not answer this question.)

2.      Which concept would you like more help on?  (Choose One) DOING (more effectively managing your time, talent, treasure, temple, and tribe) or BEING (growing in your closeness to God and a deeper understanding of yourself -- passions, interests, gifting, barriers to faith, limiting thinking patterns, fears, etc.)?

3.      Which TWO of the following would you like more help on?

         a.      Creating MARGIN in your calendar and being less busy?

         b.      Growing in your ability to experience, know and ABIDE with God.

         c.      Growing in your depth of SELF-AWARENESS concerning passions,          interests, gifting, barriers to faith, limiting thinking patterns, fears, etc.)

         d.      Growing in your biblical understanding and stewardship of your            TREASURE

         e.      Improving your attitude and health relative to your TEMPLE                   (physical body)

         f.       Discovering and ENGAGING in the true purpose God has for your          life

         g.      Building better RELATIONSHIPS  

4.      Which one method for growth in these areas would be most helpful                for you. (Choose one)

         a.      Personal workbook

         b.      Group Study

         c.      Live webinar series

         d.      Personal 1:1 coaching

Thanks for your input!  I’ll tally up your responses and let you know the results next Sunday.