The puzzle of how to receive the Promise of Freedom


Simple to comprehend.

But mind games lead to no end.


Yes, for mankind, but truly for me?

Roadblocks everywhere is all we can see:





Hardened hearts.

"Been there done that."

"Once burned, twice shy."

"The world's a mess."


More reasons to say "No" than to say "Yes."


"Why does Jesus have to be the only way?"

"What about the Muslim, Buddhist, New Ager, and Jew?"  

"Fair enough -- How are those approaches working for you?"


The choice is ours: Right now or when we're busted.

Don't over think it. Just read it and trust it.


Renew our minds and soak it in. 

Stop thinking of ourselves and focus on Him.


Receive God's love. Then give it away.

Our privilege every minute of every day. 


Don't wait for the feeling. Act our way into it.

Don't settle for less. Just grab hold of it.


It's Freedom for free! (To us, that is.)

Talk about good news! That we are His.  

Jeff SpadaforaComment