We're All Accomplices to Charlottesville and Barcelona

“How so?”, you ask.  Because if we’re honest with ourselves, we can all do more to make the world a more loving place. (For the record, Facebook tirades, hours on CNN or Fox (pick your poison) “staying informed,” and “discussing the issues with friends over coffee” don’t count as a positive contributions toward world peace.)

So the question is Why don’t we live 100% focused on making the most loving impact on this world that we can?” This short list of reasons comes to mind:

1.       I’m too old

2.       I’m too young

3.       The problem’s too big

4.       I need to put food on the table and pay the mortgage

5.       I have little kids

6.       I need a few more years to work and save before I can retire and then go help

7.       I’d rather golf, sail, bike, fish, buy the Benz…

8.       I prefer comfort, leisure and nice things

Before anyone accuses me of a “Glass House Violation,” let me come clean:  In the last 14 days, I have played golf, gone fishing, bought a mountain bike, fixed my lawn mower so I can beautify my grass, over-paid for coffee, gone out to dinner, and done loads of other “normal” things. That’s why I titled this “We are all accomplices…” 

Where am I going this?  Well, there are two possible directions:  Guilt or Motivation. 

Guilt: “You’re lazy, selfish, duped by the lie of materialism, blah, blah, blah.” That doesn’t help.  

Motivation: “Be the change you want to see!” “Think globally! Act locally!” “All things are possible through Christ!” That rah rah will get a short-term blip in different behavior.

But neither approach transforms hearts or daily living long-term.

The only real and lasting solution is the Jesus solution.  Jesus neither guilts nor motivates us into lives of all out love.  He frees us into it.  What is he freeing us from? Fear.

Look at the 8 items above.  They are all rooted in fear:  I’ll fail. I’ll go broke. I’ll lose friends. I’ll miss out on fun stuff.  

God knows what you crave – love, peace, joy, community, security. Until we truly believe that He can provide these things, we’ll hedge our bets with the “self-centered-safe-life” and only a pinch of “the Jesus-sacrificial-love-life.” 

The pathway to a long-lasting, fearless, joyful life of all-out-love is to get to know the God of the bible better (your Being) and take immediate action in small bites to pass God’s love on within your sphere of influence (your Doing).

Some of you familiar with my book and blog may be thinking: “Man, does Jeff have anything else in his repertoire?”  The answer is:  Nothing that leads to real joy and makes the world a better place. As the old saying goes, “Don’t knock it until you try it.”


“Seek ye first the kingdom of God and all these things [money, food, clothes, shelter, etc.] will be added unto you.” Matthew 6:33

Jeff Spadafora2 Comments