More on "The Way"

My April 6th blog highlights how my sabbatical rocked my world.  What started out as a time to decompress, turned into an unmistakable conviction to launch a ministry called The Way.

Many of you have been asking for more details, so here you go:

What’s in a name? The early followers of Christ were not called Christians.  They were called followers of The Way.  The Way is a discipleship ministry helping men identify and remove any barrier that hinders their ability to live and love like Jesus. More freedom, purpose, and joy.

Community Counts As I study how Jesus discipled men and reflect on my years of managing spiritual growth groups, it’s clear to me how intentional and authentic small groups accelerate individual growth. The Way will leverage the power of life-on-life -- iron sharpening iron -- in groups of 10-12 men.

Geography Matters I believe that if Christ came back today he would not use technology or modern transportation to disciple people. He would still focus locally, over time, with 12. All participants in a community of The Way will live within 1 hour of my home town of Evergreen CO so that they can be in realistic community.

Not a Program. Life Together.  While I will be bringing a lot of coaching expertise from The Joy Model and 12 years of spiritual direction, The Way isn’t “a program.” It’s not added on top of your life. It’s woven into the flow of your life.

Gender At this stage of the game God has me focusing on men only.  The pathway to freedom, purpose, and joy involves working through pain, shame, anger and guilt. I currently feel those issues are best dealt with in men-only environments.

Age. God told me to start helping men ~age 22-32. I asked Jesus if that meant I should stop helping the 45+ demographic I have historically served…or just add in the younger demographic.  In typical Jesus style, He answered my question by not answering the question: “Just show them the real me. Just set them free.” So for now I am launching one community of “Seasoned Leaders” and 3 communities of “Emerging Leaders”.

The Help I Need. If you know of any man in the Denver metro area looking for an authentic community to grow in, send them my way--- to The Way – to start living with more freedom, purpose and joy.