Farewell... for now.

After much prayer, contemplation (and 92 Sunday morning blogs!) I have decided to put my weekly, public writing on a hiatus.  There are many reasons for this.  Not the least of which is that I feel that the world doesn’t need more writing… it needs more reading…. and praying … and obeying.

As Brennan Manning says in his wonderful book Ruthless Trust:  He realized he had enough information to last him five lifetimes.  What he needed was more trust.

Another reason for taking a break is because after writing my book and blogs (and being a spiritual director and life coach for 12 years) I am convinced that the Being and Doing of the Joy Model --- and the Margin, Abiding, Self-Awareness, Treasure, Temple, Engaging in Our Calling, and Relationships dimensions of the M.A.S.T.E.R. Plan do indeed embody the fullness of our faith and the pathway to lasting joy. 

In my opinion, every great concept and truth from the bible, ancient writers, and modern writers always fits somewhere into these two constructs. In other words, what else is there left to say?!

Perhaps down the road God will put something in my mind that I can’t NOT write down.  That’s what happened with The Joy Model:  For years people kept saying I needed to write a book, but I didn’t feel directed by God to do it. Until one day it became crystal clear that not doing it was disobedience.

My new focus now is to live life with a group of 30-40 men who live within 30 minutes of each other in a community of true authenticity, grace, comradery, accountability and service to humanity.  It was Jesus’ primary strategy for bringing heaven to earth. I’m gonna give that a whirl and see what happens.

Thank you all for the private and public encouragement and questions along the way.

With great joy,

Jeff Spadafora