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The Joy Model

The Joy Model captivated me. Jeff provides a guide to look at one’s “whole life” in one book through his “M.A.S.T.E.R. Plan” sequence in a very pragmatic roadmap. As I have the opportunity to mentor women in the workplace globally through, The Joy Model will be one of those books I recommend often. What Jeff learned from Bob Buford he is passing on to others. Isn’t that what life is all about?
— Diane Paddison, Founder and VCEO of 4Word
Joy is a human condition which God Himself has designed for each of us. As we experience Joy, we come to understand how it transcends the ups and downs of life on planet earth and offers peace and assurance in all circumstances. But, getting to a place of Lasting Joy is a journey which requires balancing Being and Doing. Here, Jeff Spadafora presents a Joy Model for daily living which can transform us into models of Joy. As does the Lord, Jeff wants that for your life.
— Jay Bennett, Chairman of the National Christian Foundation
Filled with practical application and grounded in Scripture, The Joy Model is a course-altering book on how to discover lasting joy. I will be sharing this book widely with my friends as we follow Jeff’s coaching and seek to flourish in our second half.
— Peter Greer, president and CEO of HOPE International and coauthor of 40/40 Vision
Everyone desires Joy, but in many cases we struggle to find it or know how to go about living with it. Jeff uses his deep knowledge of scripture along with his incredible coaching skills to develop a model that all can easily be followed and understood. For all of us seeking joy in our lives this is a must read!
— Dean Niewolny, CEO of The Halftime Institute
Jeff Spadafora is quite simply the best coach and mentor anyone could hope for. The fact that he has taken time to write a book on Peace, Purpose and Balance, something he both models and coaches, is of untold value to one who applies the wisdom. I recommend Jeff and his book without reservation and challenge anyone to find a better resource on the topic.
— Matt Levy, The Business of Faith
In a society where we tend to place personal happiness on the throne of our heart, it’s so refreshing to read a book about JOY! Jeff has written, not only a practical book on the subject, but a theologically rich one! By far, The most powerful thing about The Joy Model is that Jeff isn’t writing theory...He’s lived out these timeless and divine principles!
— Chad Bruegman, Teaching Pastor, Red Rocks Church
A simple yet thorough and biblical process for life change leading to lasting joy. Follow Jeff’s recommendations and you’ll reap the rewards of greater joy, purpose, peace and balance. Enlist the help of a certified life coach and you’ll 10x those results. Read this book and do what it says.
— Christopher McCluskey, CMCC, PCC, President, Professional Christian Coaching Institute, & founder/co-host, Professional Christian Coaching Today